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Christopher Chaidez


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Christopher Chaidez

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Educational Background

  • Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Teacher Preparation Specializing in Urban Learning from California State University Los Angeles

Administrative Experience

  • Administrator of a Non Public Agency (3 Years)

  • Special Education Director of a Non Public Agency (3 Years)

  • Special Education Department Chair (2 Years)

Instructional Experience

  • Overall Credentialed Mild to Moderate Education Specialist (9.5 Years)

  • Mild to Moderate SDC - Public Middle School (4 years)

  • Mild to Moderate Resource Specialist Program - Public Elementary (1 year)

  • Mild to Moderate Resource Specialist Program - Virtual Charter Middle School (3 years)

  • Mild to Moderate Resource Specialist Program - Homeschool K-12 Student (2 years)

Case Management Experience

  • Welligent IEP Management System (3 Years)

  • SEIS (5 Years)

  • Administering Formal Academic Assessments (9.5 Years)

    • Woodcock Johnson 4 (9.5 Year)

    • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) assessments (9.5 Years)

    • WIAT (1 Year)

    • KTEA (1 Year)

After being raised in a single family household in and around Los Angeles County, I have been inspired to form K12 Special Education Services, Inc as a 501(c)3 educational non profit. As a first generation American with Mexican and Native American ties, I am uniquely experienced to head a Non Profit that has a mission of servicing students of all needs and abilities. Being a product of the Los Angeles Unified School District public school system and as a benefactor of college programs, grants and loans, I feel the need to give back to the communities and programs that has allowed me to reach my current level of success. Additionally, growing up in battered women's shelters, homeless shelter's and section 8 housing gives me the motivation to help those living in similar circumstances. Personally experiencing the struggles of families with educational disabilities and mental health concerns provides me the drive to form a Non Public School tailored for students with disabilities.

As a CSU Los Angeles Alumni, I have had the opportunity to provide in person educational services in the Southern California counties and virtually throughout the state of California. My career as an educator has come to pass over the last 18 years and has allowed me to fulfill roles including tutor, instructional assistant, behavior support, education specialist, program specialist, coordinator and special educational administrative director. All of my combined experience has allowed me to go through some of the challenges that students at our Non Profit face, which in turns gives me the empathy to service them best.